So a friend of mine recently returned from military service in Iraq.  Wanting high speed internet, high definition television and TiVo service (not DVR service but real TiVo) the only solution was to have mediacom install a cable card(s) at the residence.   For ease of billing they were also the default choice for broadband service. 

I’m the ‘technical assistant’ tasked with making arrangements of a technical nature so even though it was late on a Saturday, I called and was surprised to find they made an appointment for the following Monday.  Since the account was not in my name the customer rep. had to speak with the owner of the home to verify some information, etc..  Next thing I know the conversation was over and phone connection terminated. 

I asked “did they verify the cable-card thing”?  She wasn’t sure so I called back and verified with the customer service representative that the installation included a cable card (or two) for the TiVo.  It was verified. 

The appointment was for Monday between 1pm and 4pm.  At around 3:50pm my friend was picking up the cell phone to call mediacom to get a status update when she noticed the mediacom van sitting in her driveway.  Sure enough he was there.  He verified with her that he was there to install broadband service and digital cable.  My friend asked if he brought a cable card.  He said, “No that wasn’t on the order”. 

He proceeded to explain that mediacom would absorb the cost of one trip for residential installation and he wouldn’t be able to install the broadband service.  It was an “all or nothing” deal and since he wasn’t going to be able to install the cable cards he would have to come back to install those and at that point he could install the broadband service.  Saying that he prepared to leave. 

I think that is enough for now.  I’ll let my readers guess the events that followed but I can tell you that DirecTV has far more HD Channels and Qwest DSL service is fairly inexpensive…