LivingSocial …? and responsible

I thought I’d put in a “positive” rant…   “’tis the season”  I guess

I recently received the following note from LivingSocial

Thank you for purchasing the LivingSocial deal for four movie tickets from Weekly Cinema. Unfortunately, Weekly Cinema has unexpectedly gone out of business and the deal is no longer valid. We are extremely sorry about this.

Weekly Cinema’s records show that you were able to redeem two of your four movie tickets. We have issued you a refund of $10 for the remaining two tickets to your card ending in #### . Please note: It may take a few business days for the transaction to process. In addition, we have deposited five deal bucks into your account for you to apply toward your next purchase.

We regret that the issues with redemption dragged on for as long as they did, and that we didn’t send out a communication earlier. We were hoping to salvage the deal for you. Unfortunately, despite working tirelessly for the past several days, we could not. Again, we’re very sorry about that.

Events like this are rare, but still very disappointing. Thanks for understanding.

All the best,
Tim O’Shaughnessy
CEO LivingSocial

I was shocked that they had not only taken the time to notify me but had gone the extra step to issue me a refund…   So I sent them a little note back..

To Whom It May Concern:
I want to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for not only the notification but the extra step you have taken in issuing a refund for the remaining two tickets.

These days many companies that do not have a local brick & mortar presence are able to exist in a virtual world and experience little or no repercussions for doing wrong by their customers.

This incident could have resulted in that same behavior from LivingSocial as they are not directly responsible but taking that extra step to issue a refund along with this apology note are the kinds of things that build trust and a positive rapport with your customers.

I must admit initially I was hesitant to make a purchase from your site having not been very familiar with it but your actions have earned you a loyal customer that will gladly recommend your site to others and sing praises to your proactive customer service.
Thank you very much and have a wonderful holiday season