Name your own inventory problem…?

To whom it may concern:

I attempted to bid on a hotel room and received the following notification:

Sorry – Due to constantly changing inventory we couldn’t complete your hotel purchase. Your credit card has not been charged.

I was not informed that my bid was accepted or declined and was under the impression that this was some sort of technical glitch preventing my request from properly being submitted.  I made a second attempt at “naming my own price” only to be told “Please change at least one part of your original request. Sorry – Due to constantly changing inventory we couldn’t complete your hotel purchase. Your credit card has not been charged.”.   Following the instructions presented to me I changed part of my original request by increasing my bid amount and resubmitted my request only to be presented with the same screen as if my original bid had been rejected.  I do understand how “name your own price” works and have had bids rejected before and had to select additional areas or additional star levels or check-in or check-out dates.  But I wasn’t informed that my bid was rejected and I was not explicitly instructed as to what I needed to change from my original bid so I changed “part” of my original request but to no avail, I got the same screen over and over again.  If I decide to utilize your service again in the future I would hope this issue is resolved and I am provided specific instructions as to the minimum requirements of changing my bid just as if my bid had been rejected.
I would also like to understand how’s inventory constantly changing resulted in my bid for a hotel room not to complete and although not officially rejected my bid was somehow invalidated?
I am really not concerned about your inventory and if my bid cannot be completed because of some inventory problem on your end, I fail to see why I would attempt to utilize your service.  I am certain your competitors would appreciate the opportunity to complete a bid for a hotel room for me.
Thank you for your time.

Response from customer service:
Dear customer,
Thank you for taking the time to send us an e-mail. We understand that
you are unable to submit a hotel request even though you are changing
the price.
If you are interested in resubmitting your Name Your Own Price® request,
please visit the Check Your Request section of our website.
You can increase your offer price; however, one of the following
criteria must be changed:
– Star level – decrease your selection
– Area — Add or change your selected Area(s)
– Change your dates of stay
If you are not able to make the changes required to resubmit your
request, we recommend that you review the listed itinerary options
instead of naming your price.
We thank you for the opportunity to assist you and hope you find this
information helpful.
Customer Service Specialist

Thanks so much for your response…   but next time, please take the time to read the email I sent to you…

thanks again…   for nothing.